Wooden skeleton

Posted: 2014-11-22. | By: V. van der Wijk - 3 Comments

In August 2014 we have built a wooden skeleton of the Taaie Tiller for the University of Twente campus. This gives a good impression of the size of the work that we will make of steel. It is about 7 meter long, 4 meter wide, and lifts the mass of 300 kg about 3 meter above the water. For the model in the pictures this means that the grasper reaches up to 5 meter above the ground.

The skeleton is made of 220 meter wood, 600 wood screws, 12 meter steel pipe, 18 meter white rope, and 1 flagon wood glue. Pipe-isolation material is used as spacers on the axes and metal netting for the shape of the load.


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The Taaie Tiller is a moving sculpture (kinetic art) driven by windpower and waterpower - go-getter that doesn't know of stopping - drama and delight - swelling excitement and smashing sensation - center of attention



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